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Of growth & stability: xDNA in 2022 and beyond

24 October 2022

After a 2-year delay because of the pandemic, xDNA’s Chairman of the Board Mark Chambers was finally able to fly back to the Philippines to greet a team that had more than quadrupled over the past 3 years.

It was a truly emotional moment for everyone to learn just how quickly the company had grown in every sense.

The management takes great pride in the excellent work ethic, values, and culture they have been able to develop in team leaders and their members.

As the agency continues to deliver high quality work through its growing pool of talented employees, xDNA continues to receive great recognition from different parts of the world.

Aligning and collaborating work across different countries and time zones has been equally challenging as it has been rewarding for the international team. It has encouraged more overall flexibility, adaptability and fostered togetherness.

With more manpower and strengthened communication, the digital agency is now more equipped than ever to provide a wider range of services, explore newer technologies, and take on more dynamic and complex projects.

Mark expressed that although the company has huge potential to acquire a great number of major contracts at a time, the company aims to expand its capabilities and reach at a careful pace ensuring xDNA can demonstrate the levels of client service that has got the agency to this stage.


Now focused on solidifying long-term client relationships and working hand-in-hand as true partners, we look forward to a future of immense digital transformations, explorations and innovations together.

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